Standard Pre-Op Procedure

In preparation for your Surgery there are several steps to be taken and factors to be considered. We’ve broken these into two categories. This first category addresses the practical and logistical details as well as the essentials required by state, the hospital and our office.

Standard Preoperative Procedure

Pre-Operative Consultation

You may choose to have a pre-op consultation with Dr. Kennedy to review your surgery in greater detail and to answer any outstanding questions you may have. Please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Pre-Operative Testing

All Surgeries require standard Pre-operative testing which includes CBC, Cardiac studies, & urinalysis. The need for additional tests will be determined is based on your age, medical background, heredity and any pre-existing conditions.

If your surgery requires an overnight stay at the Hospital for Special Surgery, you will need to have all your pre-op testing done with an Internist from HHS, who will then clear you for surgery.

If your surgery does not require an overnight stay, you may have your own internist perform the various tests as prescribed by Dr. Kennedy. We will mail or Fax the prescription to you. Please be advised your lab work must be done within the 10 days immediately preceding your surgery and this is New York State Law.

You must fax the lab results to our office 4 days prior to your surgery. If we do not have your lab results at that time, we will need to cancel your surgery.

Schedule your Post Operative Visits
When You Book Your Surgery

It is standard post op procedure for you will visit the office post-operatively. Based on the procedure you’re having done, we will determine the intervals at which you should come in. Routinely these intervals span from 10-16 days post-operatively. The schedule fills quickly and we want to ensure that you are seen, so please make these appointments when you schedule the surgery, or when you find out what date your surgery is.

Please keep your appointments. Cancellation risks not being seen, so please make every provision to honor the appointment.

Toward the end of your treatment, should you feel that your last appointment is un-necessary, please call us within 24 hours so that we can give that appointment to someone else who may have to travel and make provisions for the visit.

Two days prior to your surgery
contact the office Surgical Coordinator

Confirm receipt of your lab work, and ensure that you’re paper-work is in order. She will ask you a series of questions confirming completion of your pre-op process

The day Before Your Surgery

One business day prior to surgery a nurse from the Hospital for Special Surgery (HHS) will contact you between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The nurse will give you thorough pre-operative instructions. In addition he / she will notify you as to where you need to report and at what time you should report.

As Dr. Kennedy has no control of the Operative list at HSS, he, nor any other surgeon working at HSS is able to determine the time a particular surgery will be scheduled for. This is decided by the HSS surgical coordinator the day before your surgery. You will be notified by HSS at the same time that Dr. Kennedy’s office is notified.

The Day of Your Surgery

Your Procedure will take place at the Hospital for Special Surgery located at 535 East 70th street (between York avenue and the FDR Drive). You are required to arrive 2-3 hours before your scheduled time for the procedure. That day you will have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Kennedy to answer any additional questions you may have.


Your upcoming surgery requires anesthesia. On the day of your surgery you will have the opportunity to meet with your anesthesiologist, who will evaluate you, explain your anesthesia and answer any questions you may have. The determination of anesthesiologist is based upon your medical condition, surgical procedure and the clinical expertise required to provide you with the best individualized care.